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Created by Meenu
Updated on Dec 30, 2013

Hi fellow parents, Can anyone please suggest some interesting recipes that could be made at home for new year eve. I do not want my family to go out to dine like every time. I am trying to do something different and interesting to start this year. Please suggest.

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| Dec 30, 2013

You may serve the above dish with plain rice or mashed potatoes. Children love mash potatoes and it is really easy to make it at home. Here is the method: 1. Take about 6-7 medium sized potatoes (also depends on the number of people) and boil them. 2. Mash them when slightly cool. 3. Add about 50-75 gm of butter and 1 cup warm milk little by litter to the mashed potatoes. (the amount of butter and milk will also depend on the number of people to be served). 4. Finally add salt and pepper and serve warm, preferable just after it is prepared. Hope you like my firangi suggestions ;) Happy New Year to you and your family.

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| Dec 30, 2013

Hey Menka, I know what you mean. It is exciting to try and cook something different for the family especially on special occasions. I had tried some Baked Pesto Chicken on Christmas Day. It is a simple dish with chicken breasts, mozzerella cheese and pesto sauce (you can find pesto in all supermarkets these days. It is an Italian pasta sauce made from Basil or Tulsi and green in colour). To add our desi touch I had sprinkled some home made chili flakes on the chicken just before baking. But you may want to avoid the chili for the children :) Here is the link to the recipe:

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