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Updated on Mar 16, 2020

my son is in class 11th. due to coronavirus he is not going to school. I am not sending him for tuitions or outdoors to play. he is sitting idle most of the day and studies for just a few hours . how can I make him use his time efficiently and fruitfully.

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| Mar 16, 2020

I do understand your concern Aditya ! Invite his friends home. They could involve themselves in indoor activities such as board games, doing some experiments, or playing indoors. You could also involve him in household chores such as taking care of the pet, watering plants, taking care of his room and organising his almirah etc. Consider this as an opportunity to spend some time with family and strengthen the bond. u all could play chess, carom ,UNO or other games. u both could also cook together and surprise his mother. I am sure u all would enjoy these moments as a blessing in disguise.

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