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Irritated nature of my daughter

3 to 7 years

Created by Saloni Arora
Updated on Apr 14, 2016

Hi , my daughter becomes irritated v fast ,she always get irritated when play out with friends but she feels comfortable when she plays alone.

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| Apr 14, 2016

Yes I vil try as u said shikha thanks alottt

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| Apr 14, 2016

Hi Saloni Arora! Some children have dominating nature and they find it difficult to listen to other's instructions and follow the rules of the game. Since they end up disagreeing or dictatating the terms every time with others, the group prefers to distance itself from this person. So solitary play becomes their preferred style of playing. It is advisable to organize play dates at home. Motivate her to share her things. Tell her the benefits of playing in a group. Once she is ready to mingle let her go back again. This time the approach should be to be a part of the group which will happen if each and every member has a say and is heard. Saloni the more the child gets freedom of expression at home and her voice is heard ,the same will be exercised by them with others . So let her have a say and give a patient ear to what she wants to do. If it's feasible at times do fulfill her wishes. By being a role model ourselves we will be able to help our children. Hope this helps!

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