irritation in child

7 to 11 years

Created by Vibha Verma
Updated on May 04, 2016

My 10+year's old boy always get irritate in doing his own work as getting ready for the school, arranging his school bag, study at home. And due to his irritation he answers my questions negatively and says anything that make me angry . what should I do, please advise me.

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| May 04, 2016

Quite well answered Carol. My son is just 7. 9 years and I am facing these issues. I will definitely try whatever you have mentioned here Carol. Thanks once again.

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| May 04, 2016

Welcome to the club Vibha... I have a 10+ yr old and the same story repeats here. I have tried talking to my son. It was kind of an appraisal for me from him and vice versa. Asked for his expectations from me, what to do and not to do. this is what he had to tell me "dont repeat the same instructions. avoid nagging, dont always find faults. finding faults is ok. But take time to also notice the things I do better if not the best. say it nicely. Don't expect to do things immediately. it's hard to leave things in the middle. give me enough time to finish what I am doing, can be a little more humorous". I too gave my list of expectations. some of them are - no reading or working on handheld device in car while returning from school but to talk to me about anything not necessarily about his school, starting his homework at stipulated time, going to bed on time on working days, if i'm not raising my voice, he too can't, have to spend time to read together etc. we came to an agreement and it works half of the time. he tends to go back to square one. He needs reminders sometimes about our agreement. talk to your son and find out what he thinks is irritating him and what his expectations are. it might help to relieve your stress to some extent. Few suggestions from me - Avoid doing a whole bunch of things in the morning like packing his bag, checking his homework sheets, checking timetable. make him do all these the previous night. everyday spend some time together to talk non-sense. They love it when we are silly. Everyday read together. For the things that are not done, i target what is close to him like his screen time- taking away the privileges for unacceptable behavior works well to make them correct their mistakes. definitely it's not a smooth sailing. but helps half the time.

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