Is feeding your baby with stored expressed breast milk safe ??

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Updated on Jan 22, 2019

Hello friends i wanted to know whether feeding the baby with your expressed milk safe or not. I am planning to return to work amd want to continue my baby to feed with breast milk but there are many questions that arise like how long the milk is good, wheter to refrigerate it or not, how long does it takes to express the milk, whether to heat the milk or not, can i express sufficient milk that can feed my baby for a day.

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| Jan 22, 2019

hi Ruchika Thakare ! it's absolutely safe to give stored as well as refrigerated milk.. at room temperature optimal storage time is 4 hours and it can be refrigerated uptil 4 days .if u want to serve the stored milk, never heat it directly . however u could keep the bottle in lukewarm water. u also get insulated bags /containers for storage which are absolutely safe for use.

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