is it good to give health mix to six month old

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Created by Hema Vadivel
Updated on Jun 13, 2016

hi, PL advice me is it good to give health mix to six month old baby, as well as I need to know about causes of combining breast feeding and bottle feeding ...

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| Jun 14, 2016

i dont know about health mix never used.. u can combine breast feed and bottel feed with other milk. i was doing it from 5 month and is having good results. in morning around 9 am was giving her bottel milk once a day. in the beginning the water and milk propertion was 50% later gradually the milk propertion increased nd water reduced. like wise quantity also increased from 30 ml to 1 cup full cows milk.. beacause of that she is used to bottled feed as well. and for that time being she was independent.. it helps me in travelling also.

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| Jun 13, 2016

Health mix is good. But it's better not to start weaning with health mix. Since it contains a lot of cereals and legumes, we might not know what caused allergy or indigestion. Therefore start with single item like rice, ragi, carrot, potato, banana and Apple. Health mix can be given at around 8-10 months. Never give bottle feeding. It's not good. Continue breastfeeding upto 2years ( at least during night time) and give formula like NAN or Lactogen by spoon ( not bottle). Cow's milk can be started after first birthday. Too much milk is also not good as it causes anemia.

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| Jun 13, 2016

Please look at the blogs for breast/bottle feeding. What do you mean by health mix?

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