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is it too early for a playgroup

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Updated on Oct 26, 2017

i admitted my child to playgroup when she turned 2 yrs 1 month old at start for almost around 15 days she happliy enterned the school, wished the teachers as well but now she always keeps saying that she doesn't want to go to school n cries at start while entering later on when the school leaves she happily again comes back home but this is a daiky routine now. i have tried many ideas on diverting her mind making her understanding but nothing is working. is it too early i admitted her

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| Oct 28, 2017

we joined our baby when she was 1yr 10months old ..1st one week she was not interested to go there. daily she used to cry to go to school. after few she got habituated with school teachers and her friends. whenever she see a baby cry at school she tried to imitate them in the same way the other babies did. first we were confused but lateron we understood her mind. and also when u first joined her in playschool mostly the teachers cared her with utmost attention to divert her keep her engaged in activities at school. lateron that attention might be somewhat diverted to newly joined babies or kids. that might be one of the reason as she is getting less attention towards her.. ;) dont worry.. everything will be fine ..

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| Oct 28, 2017

don't worry shushma... my baby is two years two month n she is copy to other child.

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| Oct 27, 2017

thank you

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| Oct 26, 2017

hi Sushma Jojode ! please don't worry, as u have admitted her at the right time. she must be behaving so seeing other children cry. she would soon come around. you need to be strong and avoid reacting when she denies to go to school.. since she sees anxiety and doubt on ur face, she further gets adamant to convince u.. try and change the topic or divert her attention.

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