is it true love makes child stubborn..

3 to 7 years

Created by Deepa Jain
Updated on Apr 07, 2017

this is true children need love.. ! But don't over do it!! teach them to handle situations by themselves.. ! your their first n last teacher.. if every time we pamper our child in problems they become liable to us .. don't make them depend on you always.. teach them but sometimes stand beside to check how they handle situations alone by themselves.. that will make a child self dependable.. this teachings begins from this age only 3 to their whole life give space to your child before they say maa get away I need my space.. have time for your husband, kids family n for yourself as well.. love yourself n the people n animals living around you..

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| Apr 07, 2017

thanks mam.. I am greatful to receive such a beautiful comment from you..

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| Apr 07, 2017

hi Deepa Jain! thanks for sharing such powerful thoughts. I am sure proparents would find it useful!

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