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Is play group is best for a 1. 11 yrs baby ?

1 to 3 years

Created by Pamila
Updated on Jul 06, 2016

as he is so bored at home we planning to join him in play schooling .. but many others says dont join untill he is 2. 5yrs cause his immunity level ll get affected... as other childrens accompanying ll easily spread tngs n hygeine will be less bla bla bla... suggest me is it good to join him or not ?

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| Jan 06, 2017

Hi Pamila, incase your kid is social and loves to be with people around, you should go ahead with it. just make sure your child can communicate for basic things like food and water. playschools are a good interaction platform for little ones. and as far as the immunity is concerned, the more exposed he is the more he will develop it. all the best

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| Jul 07, 2016

thanks a tons ladies... i was so confused... infact still continues to be confused oly. . .lemme see..

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| Jul 06, 2016

Hi Pramila, as far as my understanding goes, a baby's or for that matter a toddler's immunity will start developing when the toddler is exposed to a certain environment. You start early or you start late, you start at 1. 5 or you start at 2. 5, the immune system doesnt get boosted unless its put in a given environment. You can try and keep your baby in the most secure environment but then the immunity too doesnt grow and the moment you put your baby out of your comfort/secure zone, the baby's immunity kick starts. As a parent, what you can do is be well prepared when any such thing happens.

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| Jul 06, 2016

Hello Pamila When to make the kid join the play is absolutely a personal choice. Living in current nuclear family where the child interaction gets limited to only its parents does makes it little monotonous. One of the major factor for personality development is surely how much a kid interacts and channelize its energy in a positive manner. Play school surely helps to do that. But as a parent we should be very discreet as to which center we send him too. The overall ambience, the area, the teachers, the student teacher ratio, everything matters. Take your time to do your research. Happy Parenting

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