Is shaving of head really good for hair growth?

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Updated on Aug 11, 2015

My 17 months old son's hair growth is little less. My in laws suggests to get his head shaved frequently for better hair growth. They says, by shaving again and again, density of hair will be increased and growth will be really faster. But i really doubt because my friends got their kid's head shaved only once(that too only for first mundan ceremony) and their growth is ok. Just want to know fellow parents views on this.

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| Sep 01, 2015

In winter I use "almond oil" for hair message on alternate days from oct-March (as it is very hot) and it really works. My son had very thin hair and very rougth. Now he has good hair density. In summer I lately started Neem oil it helps to avoid all skin problem (dandruff etc) , natural conditioner, helps to grow hair thick and silky.

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| Aug 12, 2015

Hi Sapna! Though I have no clue about any scientific research on this topic but can share my personal experience with u. My daughters had the most beautiful birth hair,soft like silk (a legacy they got from their father). After ceremoniously done mundan ceremony one year after their birth, now when they are 6 and close to 3 years respectively,their hair seem to be nowhere close to being soft and silky like they had previously. Sometimes I wonder why did I ever agree for shaving their head. . It is advisable to please do some research before you go ahead on this.

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| Aug 11, 2015

Hi Sapna, I don't agree to this fully. Though first time mundan ceremony has its own significance in our country but in my views the growth pattern of baby's hair is determined genetically. The texture, density, length and thickness depends upon the genes. So a good healthy diet and massaging would definitely help your kid's hair growth faster.

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