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Issue with going to school 3 year old

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Updated on Jul 19, 2016

My daughter started going to school from June 5th and went for a week, the next week she fell sick and was on leave... then another week she went again fell sick and dint go to school until yesterday.... After school yesterday, from the evening and all night she kept lamenting abt not going to school... she kept saying I don wanna go to school, I am all alone thr, I don know anyone, please don send me school etc such statements she was making all night even while asleep. I spoke to the teacher last evening and she said they had been to a house for field trip to show them dad mom grandparents and all family members. What could be done to take away her fears? And she is extremely sensitive child and understands our talks and emotions like a six year old kid. Am worried!

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| Sep 02, 2016

Hi.. hows she now

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