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Itching in gums at age of 5months


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Nov 22, 2015

I have a daughter nd she is 5 months old only. I think her gums getting tight at this age only. She may be having itching in her gums. Whatever she takes on her hand she start cheu to it. please help me what i can give to her

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Megha Chawla

| Nov 23, 2015

Hi Dhvani, not sure but maybe your little one has started teething, maybe this can help http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/natural-remedies-for-teething-babies/606

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| Nov 23, 2015

Thanks a lot nisha for ur kind suggestion...

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Neha Jain

| Nov 22, 2015

Hi dhvani, the guns of baby can start to get hard at as young as 3-3. 5 months also. There is a possibility of early teething. This is normal. My kids showed similar symptoms since he was 4 months. I tried giving him teether which he enjoyed. After a few days, taking a healthy turn I started giving him fruit slices like peeled apple, pear etc , carrots like finger. He enjoyed biting them with gums. Ideally baby should be given cold slices, but I just gave him as such. Also, you may wish to speak to your doctor if he suggests calcareo phors.. I hope I have got the spelling right. But it helped, as he wasn't too troubled because of his teething.

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