i've twins boys

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Apr 11, 2017

they fight with each other whole day, if allow them to play outside, they dont see the road or traffic, while crossing the road one of them is always anger, i don't know why, now a days they r getting weak in studies also, what to do???

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| Jul 01, 2019

sibling fights are always acceptable at homes as we did at our times. you can try to go with them outside like parks , walk n so on. Try to encourage them safe playing , safely walking on busy road. You can present yourself as of your children age in front of them. See , wt happen ? they will surely like you company n enjoy the moment with each other. Same problem is with me but sometimes I become a child with my kids n have lots of fun.

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| May 10, 2017

hello mam .. i tried some rules like giveing points but its not working such.. so ??

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| Apr 11, 2017

thnx will surely try this

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| Apr 11, 2017

hi Priya! I understand your concerns! it sometimes becomes so irritating to handle childrens' fights. Priya u need to lay down some rules , no fights once they are out of house; it should not get physical, no abuse . remind these rules often. if possible write down on a chart paper and put these on their room's door. also deduct 5 points if they fight or break rules and take away a privelege. don't forget to praise and give reward when they are good. create opportunities wherein they have to work in unison. display their childhood pics on the walls of their room. hope this helps!

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