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Created by Nishtha Dutt
Updated on Dec 19, 2013

Hello parents,   My daughter loves junk food and refuses to eat healthy homemade food. Please suggest how I can make her understand the importance of having a balanced diet.

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| Dec 20, 2013

Hi Nishtha! It is advisable to involve ur child in cooking Which will help in developing interest and thereby looking for praise for her efforts and finally liking it too. U could ask the dish of her choice and make healthy innovations in it. For example adding paneer, corn, soyabean to pasta or pizza. making dosa at home with filling of panner burji, making tikki or cutlets or momos with filling of cheese, potato and paneer. U cud make pulao with garnishing of boiled eggs slices. It is difficult to make children agree to have what we offer them to eat. So it is advisable to offer what child likes but with healthy innovations. Adding colour, novelty, variety to their choice with ur tadka of healthy additions should work wonders! Hope this helps,

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| Dec 19, 2013

Hi Nishita, it could take a while for your child to develop a taste for home made food. Please do not keep any junk/processed food at home (as far as possible). This includes chips, ready to eat snacks, chocolates, soft drinks etc). You can also try and make burgers, pizzas and other snacks at home and involve her in making them. I suggest you take a look at the following blogs to get some ideas on recipes and other tips. Here they are 1. 2.

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| Dec 19, 2013

Hi Nishtha, This may be a useful blog on healthy food habit

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