juvenile diabetes

3 to 7 years

Created by Sameer Grover
Updated on Jul 14, 2015

Hi, I am Sameer from Dehradun. My daughter is just 3 years 3 months and has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes recently. I want to know if there are some active members (parents) who are going thru the same condition, so that we can share our experiences. This has came as a shock to our family and secondly, we are tensed as we have no idea about the precautions and measures to be taken. I would also like to know about the diet plan and daily routine please.

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| Jul 14, 2015

Thank you Simran and Carol for the valuable suggestions... you both seem to be correct that a visit to a good doctor’s should be the priority and talking to the school administration while taking admission is also a must. I would like to state that yesterday my wife and I visited my daughter’s play school and had a word with the principal and her class-teacher (my daughter is in nursery). We told them regarding her ailment and that she needs a little more care than a normal child. Then we visited a children’s doctor and then a dietician. The dietician gave us a very nice daily diet-plan for her to follow. Now our concern is that how will she follow this diet-plan as she’s very small. She eats when not required and when she has to have her meal after insulin, she sometimes gets reluctant to eat anything, and this bothers us. She was hospitalised for 5 days last week and has lost some weight as well. Regarding the Insulin Pump, I will have to check as it’s not very common in India. I would also like to know some good doctors in / around Delhi – NCR / Chandigarh, etc. Thank you.

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| Jul 14, 2015

Hi sameer, i hope your daughter get well soon and combat this disease. i would suggest you to trust only the doctors and take diet and nutrition plans from the respective doctor. :)

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