keeping baby in day care

1 to 3 years

Created by Renuka Popli Thakare
Updated on Jun 07, 2016

hi my baby is 1 year old m thinking to koin back to work but most of the people are saying it is mot good to keep baby in day care until and unless they start to speak as they wont be able to tell what has happened to them . please share if anybody has exp. regards renuka

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| Jun 08, 2016

Till dec u have a lot of time... she will be 1 n half year I GS... n many girls start speaking early. its gd that u r considering baby care near ur office.. u can go see her whenever ul have time. till dec I GS u can take her to any nearby play school or day care for one he or so.. so that she get to meet other people n kids her age.. that ways her stranger people n stranger place anxiety will be gone by the time up b putting her whole time day care! I'll still suggest... wait till she start speaking before going for whole day creche. N with me,I didn't had to.. my kid stays with his grandparents while I am at work.. n my hospital is not far away so I get to see him in lunch break daily :):) its not much of a fuss now... BT when I started working,around 10 months back, I was in same dilemma. because baby used to be with me only 24*7 n like I said earlier his grand parents couldn't get to learn what he needs at what time.. that WS the only problem with me BT eventually they got along. I used to give them straight away the thing like which of his expression n behaviour means what he wants!there were many clashes... as they didn't like being told what behaviour means what... resulting in literal fights between me n MIL ;) BT as I knew what was best for my kid back then,I used to strongly put frwrd my stance.. n later she also understood.. now after 10 months of being together,MIL understands him better... n they are getting along lovingly :):)

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| Jun 07, 2016

thank you pooja the same time i m thinking to put her near to my office so that i can go in evey 2 hr check if anything required . i have deadline to till dec of this year before that also i can join my assumption is the sooner i will put her in day care the better she will adjust but still in dilema but ur point has started my thinking again . :) thank you so much. Have u gone through the same exp ?

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| Jun 07, 2016

Hi renuka... please don't have any negative presumptions about day cares! Of course no one... n I mean not even grandparents can take that much care n understand kid as mother can... but for working women n who don't have any support system,day cares can prove helping. By yes its necessary to put ur baby in day care once baby starts talking... not so much for that he can tell u wot bad has happened to him in day care... but because he can at least tell what he needs to care takers.. if he is hungry or sleepy or want to go to washroom.. coz reading signs for such communication when baby can't tell them verbally.... not every care taker can do or wish to do so.. If the baby can verbally communicate it will be easy for him.

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