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Kid doesn't listen at all

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jun 02, 2016

My kid s four n half years n in these holidays got addicted to phone so kuch that he hasn't been listening to us at all wen we stopped giving phone to him. Everything he says he connects with a question whether phone would b given to him if not. I m trying to tell him peacefully but doesn't seem to help:(

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| Jun 02, 2016

Hi K S! Well kids get glued to gadgets when they see nothing interesting around and Also when they have role models to imitate. It is advisable to make it out of sight and not use in front of the child. I know it's difficult but it's essential to do so as we will be setting an example for the child. Try and plan a routine for the child where there is time for physical activity, rest , recreation and studies. U could understand child's interest and make him join any activity of his choice. If u wish you can also join along, this would motivate him to pursue it seriously. Take him to the park early morning, do cycling or skating or skipping or any activity as per his interest. Also at home make studies interesting by teaching through art and craft method for instance if u want to teach about animals and their homes , u could make masks of these animals says dog and put it in kennel. Or u could teach about pet , domestic and wild animals through paper folding . K S have lots of interesting toys , both educational and otherwise around . Or play indoor games like ludo, carrom, chess, UNO cards , mazes, puzzles , role play with the child. I am sure with change in home settings, schedule of the child and your attention and love he will come around and forget about gadgets and look for his exclusive moments with Mama/Papa instead. Hope this helps!

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