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7 to 11 years

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Updated on Jul 10, 2018

my son is getting weight more and more, every time he is saying I m hungry, plz advise what to do he is 08 years and weight is 40 kg

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| Oct 08, 2018

thanks dear.. I will definitely try

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| Jul 11, 2018

Hello Priyanka, Try to give him healthy and filling food like fiber (fruits and dalia). If he is eating a lot then he should be more active in sports, swimming etc so that extra calories can be shed. Give him skimmed milk and try to stick to junk or outside eating once a week. You can also get stomach worms tested. Sometimes that is also an issue. Stop making too much fried at home. Try to feed healthy food in an interesting way so that he doesn't get bored. Palak pancakes, smoothies (carrot, anaar), make interesting colorful salads, in sweets you can make at home with khajoor and walnuts and little coconut powder (health bhi and taste bhi). Food control is most important and if accompanied by activity it does wonders. You can give salad and a bowl of curd with meals so that less focus is on Roti. These are all personal experience and i am not an expert. Try all this and see if you can visit an expert to rule out worms or anything else

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