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Created by Guddu Banga
Updated on Nov 24, 2016

My 3yr daughter is becoming very stubborn cranky grumpy .she cries for each n everything .she is making me crazy .I scold her shout at her n even raise hands which I don't like but force to do because she doesn't listen at all. Handling twins making me crazy feel very very bad don't know wat to do .experts plz help .

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| Nov 25, 2016

hi Guddu, this must be a very difficult phase for you, it must be unpleasant and frustrating. your reactions are natural and human but as a mother we have an additional responsibility, that of being a role model to our children. if we talk loudly or rudely to our kids, they will speak rudely to us. they will simply copy us. Instead of reacting to tantrums, ignore them by smiling and explain to your child the reason behind it. Command respect, not demand it. So gear up , put on your super mom mask, embrace patience and perseverance and I am sure you will be able to handle things better.

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| Nov 25, 2016

hi Guddu Bagga! I can understand your concerns. its indeed difficult to handle twins and u r doing a great job. Guddu just ensure that when u interact with your girl, ur tone is polite and u r not saying 'NO' to all her demands. you are giving equal attention to her if not more and you are not unintentionally comparing her with her twin.. hug her often, help her express in words how she feels, praise her. we need to understand by being twins doesn't make them alike even in their behavior. they can have different preferences and temperaments. u need to be more tactful and soft while dealing with her probably because she needs more attention. I am sure u can manage all this with your love . just stop for a while and introspect what made her behave so. was there something in the last episode that provoked her to behave so. half of the battle can be already won with the way you speak to her . add love to your tone and care in your attitude towards her, u would see her melting down in your arms . hope this helps.

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