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Updated on Feb 22, 2017

my kid is 2 years 11 months old.... He is very active all the time.... He used to play with kids very much... but, recently he had started beating my cousin's son.... He always used to beat him, & behave very rudely.... He will fight for the toys & everything with him.... He can't stop beating him.... his behavior making me worried while the day.... We can't leave them together.... the whole day is going like this... the another kids age is 2years.... He is innocent kids.... He doesn't started speaking words.... how to make them Friend eachother, & how to stop beating him??? I always used to say positively about him, & also always says be friendly with him.... & sometimes in worst cases, if he doesn't listen to me, I Am beating him.... even though he is not st.... sometimes, I will say, I will buy u chocolates & toys like that.... bt still, he is not stopping beating him.... plz tell me s suggestions to stop rude behaviour on him....

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| Feb 27, 2017

Ty sooo much shikha batra

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| Feb 22, 2017

hi Mukka Vineesha! I completely understand your concerns! it's disheartening to see one's child misbehave and despite repeated reminders not listen to us. it can also create differences with the other person . please check if there have been constant comparisons made between both the kids? or if he doesn't like u giving attention to him or even talking about him? look for the trigger and once u r able to find it out work on it and avoid what he doesnt like as he is too small to understand. also record a video and show him when he is in a good mood and ask him why he does so and tell him there is a camera recording everything , and the video might be going to police. I know this is not correct but at this stage he might not empathise and understand meaning of other child getting hurt. repeatedly keep reminding him every time by saying "No hitting" or diverting his attention or even removing him from the situation and praise him when he doesn't hit. i am sure with repeated reminders and avoiding triggers he would stop hitting his cousin. hope this helps!

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