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Updated on Apr 19, 2019

Hi everyone, my kid is 22 months old. She is a very active kid. Problem is all with food. She doesn't eat food i. e rice. Always she is interested in fruits and sweet corn, egg and any other items like sweets Kara. I am trying many ways to eat rice but she is not showing interest. My friends says it is ok even if she does not eat rice as she is eating other fruits or anything. Is it really ok or not. She is also having a habit of sucking fingers. I have tried many ways to stop but of waste no use. I am worried about her food. So please help me out. Her weight is 9. 4 kg. Also please let me know actual correct weight for her age. Also wanted to know how many hours of sleep is needed. She sleeps only 9-10 hours in night and 2 hours during day. Please reply me with all these answers.

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| Apr 19, 2019

hi madhuri ! her sleeping hours is fine. its perfectly fine if she doesn't eat rice.. keep her hands occupied , give her a squishy toy , or something to hold. ideal weight is 11. 5 kgs. add egg, non veg, fish, potato, sweet potato, butter ,ghee. add color, variety, novelty and presentation to dishes. make. meal time,fun time.

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