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Updated on Nov 17, 2017

what to do when kids r not doing homework

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| Nov 17, 2017

hi meenakshi4441 ! u need to explain to them politely by making them sit and carrying on a discussion Y it's important to do hw. also set a routine in which a slot of 45 minutes to 1 hours fixed for hw time. give smileys and stars on competing the work. child needs assistance and supervision , therefore it's advisable to spend time with the child guiding them and teaching them.

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| Nov 20, 2017

nice question it helps me too

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| Nov 24, 2017

Hi Meenakshi, you could try the following 1. Try splitting the homework into 2 different parts. And make your child do one chunk in the morning (if your child is an early riser) and another part in the evening. 2. Start with Some interesting activity such as games / hands on to first get your child's attention and focus to study. For e. g I used to play card games for mathematical operations. a) For your child's age, you could play memory (finding the matching card), b) go fish (for addition facts), c) over and under game (again for math facts - this game is to hide few game pieces under a plate and make the child find how many are hidden by seeing the remaining game pieces. Basically it's subtraction and addition facts. Start with facts for 10 and gradually you can move on to other numbers). D)Use lexicon cards and play rummy to arrange alphabets in sequence, e) sing silly rhyming songs to make the child learn to identify the rhyming words, f) draw a map from home to the park and follow the map to reach till the park. This helps in spatial recognition g) if you have set of animal toys, make you child categorise them as herbivore, carnivore and omnivores, or based on animal classifications as mammal, birds, fish etc. Let the child get the feel that learning is fun. 3. Once you get your child's attention, start with something that will be hard for your child - it could be writing homework. Split that writing homework into smaller parts. Do the first smaller chunk. Switch to reading homework and then come back to writng. It's important to ensure that your child doesn't feel tired or bored while doing homework 4. Always look for ways how you can make it interesting. If it's something to look forward to, the work will also be done faster 5. You could try giving the choice of subjects to start with. But if he/ she can't, you choose them. 6. Try to keep the homework time for each subject as little as possible. 7. Very important thing of all is to follow a routIne. Always start the homework (fun activity) at the same time everyday so your child will know what to expect. 8. Attention span of a 4 yr old is very less. The recommended time for 4 and 5 yr olds, Is 20 min homework, for 6 and 7 it's 30 and so on.

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| Nov 25, 2017

Thanks a lot for yours Response

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