Child Psychology and Behaviour

Kids seems upset that one day everyone will die

Preeti Joshi

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Dec 11, 2015

Since last few days my kid has been telling me that i should not become 100 years old otherwise i will die. He always feels that if I die who will take care of him. More over he always feels that anyone who falls sick is gonna die

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Preeti Joshi

| Dec 11, 2015

Thanks alot I will certainly try to explain him and make him comfortable ☺️

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Shikha Batra

| Dec 11, 2015

Hi Preeti! Sometimes kids gather information from ads, TV serials or cartoons which could be misleading. You need to talk to your child and find out what is the source of this information. I understand child being emotional about mother and for that matter anyone would be. Just calm the child and let Malhar know that u r not going anywhere and u too love him very much. God is very nice with nice children and people. Since he is a good child, GOD can never be unfair to him. As far as his second fear is concerned apprise your child with facts without getting into details; Thanks to advancement in science and technology, treatment of almost all diseases is possible. So it is not necessary that those who fall ill, die. Look for right time and with use of age appropriate language talk to your child and share facts over a period of time . U can use Internet, books or make him talk to a doctor who could substantiate it further and comfort him. These are just his fears, don't worry Preeti with proper knowledge and his own people by his side to support him,he would overcome these. hope this helps!

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