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kids stubbornness...

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Updated on Apr 24, 2017

why my 5 yrs old son is so stubborn.. ?

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| Apr 25, 2017

parents should speak quitely and lovebly. spend more time to ur children .Give more happiness to ur kid by the way of ur attitude.. he wil change soonly.

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| Apr 24, 2017

hi Suman Kewat! how r u! a child may sound stubborn as he feels his demands are not being met with so he repeats these till he feels he can go on or a parent either looses his/her patience and scolds him or fulfills his demand . Suman he is well within his rights to ask us to fulfill his demands. it's just that we feel we can't fulfill it for x,y, or z reason. now the issue is not he asked and we refused that's an issue. the problem is in the way we denied his demand. if we stop ourselves from outrightly rejecting it and saying a NO on his face. and try and reframe our sentence in such a manner that it doesnt sound rude or mean on our part and plus it's doesn't hurt child's feelings. if we could give options or alternatives to our child and allow him to choose one​ from those or suggest himself and fulfill it,it will be a win-win situation for both of us. Suman try giving reason for not fulfilling it and seek an alternative. gradually he will understand your side if the story and respect u more for seeking his advice. hope to helps!

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