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Lack of concentration in studies and every thing

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 10, 2016

Dear, my son generally will not concentrate on any which he will b doing particularly in studies and because of which will not remember any thing and is disobedient. Please help me in this how to overcome of it and make my child in concentrate in studies

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| Dec 11, 2016

make studies interesting for your child... coz he finds it boring that's why he is not concentrating... i faced same issue with my daughter few months back... as we had relocated to the new place and admissions were over so we could not find any gud school for as she is in kindergarten so we dropped her in play group where as she was studying in an international school previously... this change of state... people around her... language and the course she was studying in play group took her away from studies... but now after school we play educational games... worksheets are bringing her back to track.... the only thing I realised thru this experience of mine is that.... kids now a days get bored very easily and they are happy doing things differently visual aids attract them a lot and help to remember them... try this with your kids as well... hope it helps you too as it helped me as well... :)

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