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lack of concentration in studies and hyperactive

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 05, 2017

my son is 5 yrs old in KG 2. he hates reading and writing. i pamper him for study... use funny ways.. jokes but he doesnt study. thats why i have to send him for tutions early in the morning... he refused it but i forcefully send him... i shout him and beat him too for studies... he just cry but no study... teacher said he is very slow in class... board work is incomplete always ..what to do?

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| Dec 07, 2017

u can make him study by visual

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| Dec 05, 2017

hi Sheetal Nimodiya ! by scolding and hitting we are making the situation worse and not trying to identify the underlying problem. probably he has some difficulty in reading and writing and that's y he is running away.. please cosnult a psychologist or an expert in this field .

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