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Lack of concentration

3 to 7 years

Created by Neha Sharma
Updated on Feb 01, 2017

Hi... my son is very active and hardly sits at one place for long. His attention span is also short and he gets distracts very easily. But lately his school teacher has started complaining that he is getting very slow in his writings and doesn't show interest in writing. He s in pre primary and has begun writing just last year. Although he is an A+ student but am worried this sudden change in his behaviour might not be good. Can someone please suggest me ways to develop his interest in writings and to increase his concentration span. Thanx.

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| Feb 14, 2017

Thnx all of u for sparing time out n leaving ur valuable suggestions .

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| Feb 02, 2017

hi neha, firstly please stop worrying. your son is in pre primary and definitely writing is boring for mist of the active kids in the beginning. All you can do is just start drawing activity with your child may his favourite cartoon faces. then slowly ask him to tell all his favourite characters and you write it down beautifully in a big chart and ask him to write on top it. just dedicate your time for him and tell yourself it will take its own time. keep frustration and worry away and enjoy your writing time with him. As a mom you are actually the best person to know what trick works best for him.

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| Feb 01, 2017

Children can any time loose interest from studying. This can be an issue anytime. Although your child is in nursery yet still paying attention to him is always a great idea. I think that the nature of kids change due to his surroundings. May be he is playing in wrong company which is distracting from studies or his area of interest is changing to watching tv,playing with mobiles or toys. You can make studying interesting each time in an effective way. Forcing the child to sit can turn in a negitive way but trying gaming with books and contesting with words in smart way can help. You can better decide to mix study and his interesting game. Appreciating and patting child plays important role. Even when you are dissatisfied with the performance still you should appreciate the effort of his time that he gave in studying. Once a routine of such game is built ; child makes an habit of it. Hope you agree with my thought.

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| Feb 01, 2017

Hii Neha .. ur baby is too small to force in writing or reading .. u can do one thing .. just hold his hand n make him write.. also u can say that if he finishes his writing within the given time u ll give him his fav food or toys or ll take him to a park etc

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