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Jan 30, 2014

Hi all, Can anyone please suggest how to build concentration skills in my 5 year old son. He never concentrate on anything and that too especially studies. Please help.

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Nandini Kapur

| Jul 09, 2015

Hello friends, My niece underwent a training for brain activation from eduscan brain activation. I have seen major change in concentration, focus,remembrance, interpersonal skills,and many more minute things. She sits for studying herself. Remembers tables fast.. M really happy with the change. To know more u can contact on +918586008001

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| Feb 01, 2014

Wowonderful suggestions Shikha. Quite practical n impressed. I m sure they will b f great help.

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Shikha Batra

| Jan 30, 2014

Hi Riya! Children at this age can't concentrate for more than 15 minutes. U cud build his concentration by assigning him work which involves time and patience. For example start with things he likes to do such as drawing or colouring, building blocks, or any other thing. U cud motivate him in between and praise him at the successful completion of a task. U cud play games with him in which motivation is in the form of winning a game such as grid game, car racing etc. ask him to help u at home by filling water bottles, watering of plants, feeding the pet etc. do appreciate him for good work. U cud take him to the park, ask him to observe birds chirping, find out their nests, follow squirrels, read road signs, etc. this way he will improve on his observation skills as well as patience level. U cud ask him to read one simple story book with ur help everyday before sleeping. U cud ask him to write counting till 50 and reward him with praise, his favorite dish etc. similarly u cud involve him in many tasks at home like stacking of books, clothes, segregating coins, making words with alphabets on board games. Writing on car windows in fog, recognizing which car is it on road. hope this helps!

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Parentune Support

| Jan 30, 2014

Riya! Please see this link. May be of help. https://www.parentune.com/parent-talk/lack-of-concentration/893

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