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lack of selfstudy

11 to 16 years

Created by Bijayini Mishra
Updated on Feb 18, 2017

my daughter is 12years old. she is not interested in self study & her hand writing is also not good. she is very slow also. how to improve her standard? should she continue in the same class for one year more?

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| Feb 18, 2017

hi Bijyani Mishra! Please take the help of her subject teachers and understand what they have to say about her. if they feel her performance is lagging way behind her level and her basics are not clear, please start working on those. she could take help of a tutor or her seniors. don't loose out and instead of focusing on what she can't do , focus on what she is good at doing and motivate her through that. give her timed test papers. get them evaluated and work on the weak areas. if u feel the performance is improving and she can catch up by putting in extra efforts during holidays , please make the best use of it. but in case u feel she would need time more to cover up , so there is no point rushing things as it would worsen the picture and add further to her woes. start from basics and be her constant support . BIjyani I understand how u feel, but we need to understand not all children are same and some children need more time to grasp concepts. she needs you to be on her side. hope this helps!!

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| Feb 18, 2017


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