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Updated on Jan 12, 2019

my daughter is 6+ she is very lazy in every field. she doesn't want to do thing quickly. when I gave some work, she behaving with blank mind. she is not spotty. so what can I do to make her active? and suggest me one sport to reduce her laziness.

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| Jan 12, 2019

hi Digisha Gandhi ! I do comprehend yr concern. u could plan her schedule and paste it on top of the study table. give her a separate room where she could study and decorate it with posters with quotations on not to waste time and how to utilize time wisely and such more ones. also have a separate book corner for her.. and another corner for plush, toys,etc. .give her a bed with her favorite cartoon bed sheet on it. set her alarm clock and give her a task and give her a reminder 10 minutes beforehand. on finishing on time reward her with a smiley.. before she initates a task tell her about the goal, key area to focus and how the end result should be.. while for studies prepare test papers and correct these immediately and make her do corrections. all this would require ur patience and consistent efforts. hope this helps !!

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| Feb 22, 2019

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