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3 to 7 years

Created by Redhima Malhotra
Updated on Sep 01, 2017

My younger son Tanmay gets angry fast Having problem in memorize things Main problem s with his spellings of English nd hindi Not eating anything properly He went to one child councilor for studying She said he is having learning dexlexia I don't understand this term properly as his understanding power s so good in maths he s doing well . Kindly help me in solving my problem His tuition teacher also says he s having lot of problem with spellings And he doesn't sits with me for studying Pls help what to do His eating habbit is also not he not eating fruits except banana nd sometimes apple Not eating vegetables except potato Eats puris or fried things daily Eating chips daily But do not want to eat chapatti or anything I made at home Sweets he liked d most he like to eat halwa Chocolates etc a lot He drink tea with Oreo daily once He is very thin His weight might be around 20-25kg which is too less according to his age children His face looks pale Teeth are also not grown properly till this age In school test he s doing so well but with all spellings errors He s a friendly child mix up with everyone easily But don't like English teaching in school Whenever he s having two English periods together he tries to take off nd make different reasons for it Although his understanding of English s fine still he hates English classes in school Loves to play indoors as well as outdoors Loves to play on mobile Loves to watch cartoons on television Lovely child with some stupid problems So need help Thanks

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| Sep 02, 2017

Hi Redhima, Dyslexia is one of the learning disabilities. Dyslexic Children will have problems in reading and writing as the printed/ written letters look jumbled for them. So will have problem in spelling and even understand the written sentence. But they learn fast if they are told verbally. Your child needs help of an educational psychologist (either in school or in private). If possible look for mainstream school which is inclusive - meaning the school will have an educational psychologist to accommodate children with any type of learning disability to help these children remediate the problem and get on track with regular curriculum. So please look for inclusive school. If you couldn't find any inclusive school in your place, at least find a private educational psychologist. Early intervention is very important. So get help as soon as possible. This doesn't have anything to do with your child's intelligence. But if left unattended, it will affect his educational performance as he will be learning multiple languages and will also be required to read and write a lot of content in higher grades.

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| Sep 01, 2017

Hi Could I request a handwriting sample of the child? Kindly mail me at faridahbharmal@gmail. com Thx

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| Sep 01, 2017

hi Redhima Malhotra ! I do understand ur concern. the way u have described, he seems to have problem with comprehension too, that is probably the reason he dreads english language. he is finding it difficult to read and then comprehend . please go through this blog, hope u will find it useful!Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too: arrange a tutor who could assist him and tutor him in reading , writing as well as comprehension.. as far as eating issues are concerned , u could look for his choice , add ingredients of ur choice. make the dishes not only attractive to eyes but these should please his taste buds as well. Redhima u need to be patient with him, avoid criticizing him for what he is unable to do and praise him for his strengths, be it sports, music, dance ,drama or oration.. support him , he will learn to manage things gradually. hope this helps.

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