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Updated on Aug 11, 2015

Hiii everyone ,my son turns to four in october 2015. can u plz. help me how to. teach him alphabets and numbers.

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| Aug 12, 2015

Deepthi Nalam, To teach numbers, make your child look for numbers all around the house. clock, telephone, kitchen scale, ruler, measuring tape, calendar, his shirt / shoe size tag, door number, over temperature, washing machine timer. Number are everywhere. count your step while walking or climbing stairs (use both forward and reverse counting) . Cut out the ads from magazine which has price on it. Play snake and ladders, ludo, card games such as 7 card rummy, go fish,top it, memory games, play with dominoes, peg puzzles , block puzzles, jigsaw puzzles with numbers. associate each number with no of his own toys, books, clothes. Use different math counting strategy to count such as number line, number grid, tally marks, frame and arrow diagram, use math tools such as dominoes, any object collection, fingers, rulers, measuring tapes. to write numbers, instead of using paper & pen, write on the pavement or the backyard concrete floor with charcoal or chalk. Read books on math such as 26 letters and 99 cents, can you count ten toes, 123 go, Pizza counting, two ways to count to ten, any counting book from 'math reader' series.

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