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Created by Kanika
Updated on Aug 20, 2013

What do you think... after having kid... should mothers leave job or continue by keeping child of a yr or so in day care. ?

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| Aug 24, 2013

Hi Kanika, I was in this same situation 3 years back when i was blessed with twin boys. It's important to be with your child for initial few months / year. I took a maternity break for 1. 5 years and then was fortunate enough to get a good day care. my boys started going to the day care from 13 month only, i use to be with them every day - and continued accompanying my boys till the time i found they were happy and mixing with the people around. Then after 3 months was courageous enough to leave them full day there. :) Every thing went off well. Believe me - for me it was almost impossible to get back to work with 2 boys but not they are in nursery - yes big boys now - they go to school and come back at home. we talk over phone and discuss what all happened in class. I am a happy mom now.

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| Aug 23, 2013

Thanks Shikha for your suggestions

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| Aug 20, 2013

Hi kanika! It is a very difficult q to answer as u r the best person urself to answer this. If u believe u will b manage both sides well n none will b at a loss then u cud continue doing job. U cud take help of family members too like instead of leaving child in a day care u cud leave him/her with them in the presence of a nanny. or u cud look out for a good day care wherein child's safety n wellbeing will b taken care of. in case u believe in ur absence child will b taken care of well u cud continue working.

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| Aug 20, 2013

Hi Kanika! We understand your dilemma. Here is a similar talk from Poonam, mother of a young toddler, looking to join back at work. Please have a look.

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