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Updated on Aug 22, 2016

Hi, When I was in India my child was with my mother in law so I went for work. Now for the past one year I am in US at home taking care of my child. It was good, I could understand her and spend time with her. I am searching for a job now. I need to put her in day care if I m going for a job as my mother in law cannot come here. My daughter is a picky eater and I have to feed her for long time at home. Sometimes I feel she is not independent and brave staying with me. When I send her to day care will she eat on her own, how she will manage, does she get nutritious food etc. all thoughts are coming to my mind. Please guide me whether sending to daycare will change her.

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| Aug 25, 2016

Thank You Shikha. Your comment is encouraging for me. I try to convince myself. But the food served over here is not our way of food. That's the only thing still bothering.

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| Aug 22, 2016

hi Vijayalakshmi Kannan! how r u!Your apprehensions regarding Lakshika and her well being are justified. I agree it's difficult for a mother to leave her child away from home in a new set up but u need to be strong. it's for her good only as most of the kids when they see others having meals on their own they too try to imitate and learn in a group setting. also this will prepare her for formal schooling at around 5years of age. I believe u can initially do a survey and take feedback from parents whose kids are already there and then take a call. if u find the feedback satisfactory on all aspects be it care of the child,her security and safety, personal attention, meal pattern also quality and quantity being served etc. u can go ahead. Vijayalakshmi Kannan I believe since your child would be going away from u for few hours initially to begin with , she might take time in adjusting but u need to be strong and motivate her. gradually Lakshika would get accustomed to the play group setting and wound enjoy being a part of it . hope this helps!

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