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less interest in studies

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Jan 06, 2017

my daughter is in 2nd class but nt showing much interest in studies

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| Jan 07, 2017

hi Nidhi Srivastava! I understand your concerns! you need to create his interest in studies through things and methods , he is already interested in and enjoys doing . for instance if he likes to learn by seeing say watching videos on net or watching TV, u could teach him the concepts by teaching him online in a diagrammatic form or with pictures. for instance if u want to teach him about types of plants such as herbs, shrubs, creepers , and climbers , try showing him pics of each with examples.. or u could show him real plants by taking him to the park. if he learns by listening, then u could read out chapter to him and explain . make it interesting by adding humor , drama and suspense to it. ask questions to keep him interested. praise him with positive feedback. Nidhi modify your style of teaching lessons as per his interest , u would see him waiting for study time. hope this helps!!

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