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Updated on Dec 17, 2016

We as mothers keep a lot of tasks in our to do list. Right.. And the accomplishment of those tasks becomes our goal. Usually we are so much engrossed in the process of finishing those tasks, that we see our children as hurdles. Because they take time in doing everything. That's right. We all think like that. But have you ever stopped in between those tasks and just watched them how and what they are doing. Try doing it. Take a pause from your work and just see them. It won't take more than a minute when you will start feeling calmness inside you. Your child will appear to be a divine gift who gives you calmness. We all are in search of happiness. But we don't understand that happiness is not in accomplishment of tasks, but is found in everyday moments when we stop and see the god gift that we have.

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| Dec 19, 2016

Beautiful thoughts! And so true as well

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