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Updated on Dec 17, 2016

My son does not like to explore new variety and he limits himself only to what is proven. His eating choices are very limited hence it becomes extremely difficult at times.. also he refuses to eat if food is not hot hence he always gets his school tiffin back.. and by the time he comes back home he is very very hungry but again he eats only the limited stuff that is proven is anyone facing such a issue.. please help with some solution .. thanks a lot for your help..

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| Dec 17, 2016

Hi, I think the best way to deal with your son is to let your son know that this is what is available for lunch if he wants to eat he will eat or else he will go hungry. Stop fussing about his food habits. As for tiffin getting back -- you may speak with his class teacher who can then talk to him. This is the age when children are more effected by their teacher's words as compared to parents.

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