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Updated on Dec 13, 2012

Hi My son is 16 months old, last week he had severe loose motion and vomiting, due to it he has lost 4 kg weight, give me some tips so he can recover his health

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| Dec 16, 2012

Hi Bharti. Good to know that he is feeling better now. He will gradually regain his strength and energy. You can give him nutritious and light food-anything cooked fresh at home. I think avoiding rich, spicy food and non veg for sometime may help. But if you think he is ready for non veg, for example, eggs, chicken, you can use your discretion and give him. Home made chicken soup is really good as it provides with plenty of nutrients to the body.

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| Dec 14, 2012

THANKS ANURIMA ,now he is normal in health ,he was in hospital for 3 days. but he is very weak now really worrying what all things i can give him to increase his strength and regain weight

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| Dec 13, 2012

Hi Bharti. How many days did he have loose motion and the vomitting? Has it stopped compltetely now? This may be a case of stomach flu. Losing 4 kgs for such a little boy is a lot. Did you consult his pediatrician? Stomach flu is at its peak during winter and spring months. To help him regain his strength and weight, please gradually introduce his normal diet. If he is still complaining of stomach ache, has loose motion or vomiting, please avoid all dairy products, non veg, fried and spicy food. Give him light veg soup, plenty of fluids- water, nimbu pani and also Electrolyte solution. You can get to buy them in sachets in the pharmacy. They help restore the lost fluids and salts in the body. You can try giving him little plain curd with rice as curd is known to help the digestive system by providing the good bacteria. Also, please make him wash his hands with warm water and soap before eating and after using the toilet. He may take some time to recover completely. If he doesnt feel better, please get him checked by the doctor. Hope this helps. I have had the same experience when my daughter was 2 years.

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