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loosing my temper

3 to 7 years

Created by Sangeeta
Updated on Sep 16, 2016

hi.... I have 4. 5yrs daughter. I always loose my patience on her silly doing. I hit always for dat. I don't understand what is right and wrong .but she doesn't respond that time when I hit her .is there any chances to get affect on her mental health. plz suggest me. wat I have to do. I m worried. I love my daughter

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| Sep 16, 2016

Hi Sangeeta, first of all calm down and understand that she is a child and she will do silly things. Now sit back and think what is the problem that is irritating you and that makes you hit your daughter. There must be something in your adult life and you are taking out that frustration on your daughter. Yes it may affect her mental health because the poor baby doesn't know what did she do get a spanking from you. Sit with your daughter and talk to her in calming tones and tell her that it is not her you are angry with. And show her your love by listening to her, appreciating her and playing with her.

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