Lot of Lies

3 to 7 years

Created by Lax Praba
Updated on Jan 14, 2016

My son is 6 yrs old. He is very matured. The problem is with communication. He exaggerates things from school, daycare. Mostly whatever he convey about day-today happenings are irrelevant or his imagination or Lies. Not sure how to correct this.

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| Jan 19, 2016

Thanks Shikha, Shan B. Let me try to work on these.

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| Jan 14, 2016

Hi Lax Praba! How r u? A 6 year old lying or exaggerating could be due to many reaosns:A. Inability to differntiate between fantasy and reality. B. to avoid unpleasant response or punishment. C. Not to hurt feelings. D. Saving face. E. lacks self confidence. It's advisable to not take lies personally rather focus on purpose of lying. Once u find out why the child has been telling lies, u could have a detailed talk without being judgemental or putting the blame on child and hurting his self esteem in the process. punishment or scolding might reinforce the child to tell further lies. Share with him the ill effects of lying like loosing on trust, loosing friends, facing embarrassment once the truth gets revealed, might have to face consequences etc. Lax Praba I am sure u would handle this situation well. JuSt try and find out the cause and work on that. Also try and be a role model yourself and as far as possible tell truth even if it's not an easy one. In this manner u would prove to your child honesty is the best policy. Hope this helps!

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| Jan 14, 2016

Any habit that is not wanted in a child can be gotten rid f by ignoring, discouraging and making the kid forget.

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