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Lots of hair

Renu Pundir

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Jan 20, 2016

My son is two months n he has lots of facial hair n also hair around earn what can i do to remove it

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nanditha tula

| Jan 22, 2016

My son had also lot of hair on the face round the ears. If its ok use besan (gram flour) for the body.. Now he don't have any hair at all on the face..

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Sruthi Patiballa

| Jan 20, 2016

Hello renu, use red toor dal powder. That removes facial hair and tan too. First start with only powder after few days add some fruit to that.

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| Jan 20, 2016

Hi Renu the hair around ears will surely go away.. my daughter's did.. but she still has fine hair on her forehead and upper lip,9 months old nw.. waiting for them to go away too.. had tried applying besan but she got rashes as her skin is too sensitive!

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Priya Yadav

| Jan 20, 2016

My baby had but they went off on their own. Every baby I have seen in my family or friends were same, hairy at the time they were born , that eventually went off on their own. Don't worry about it. Most of it will be fine in next few months

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Tejal Singh

| Jan 20, 2016

Hi Renu, My son too has lots of hairs on face n ears. His forehead is complete hairy ;) See for this I asked my doctor whether can I use some ubtan or something else. She says upper n thin hair will go n those from root will not go, how much hard u try. Its need not worry scenario. So I didn't took the risk of using ubtan also. My son is 2 & half month.

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