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Updated on Dec 15, 2018

How can I make my child to love her all subjects. love her education. love her study. When I told her then she reads though the ultimate thing is zero. Because she does not concentrate on her study. My child is 8yrs old and too much love to play only. How can I make her understand that study is an important thing and how can I make her study as fun ??

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| Dec 16, 2018

hi Rimjhim Roy ! that's a very interesting question. for that u need to find answer to 2 questions. one what's her preferred style of learning.. is it learning by doing, or seeing or listening? so based on her preferred style try and teach her.. secondly observe what role she prefers u in? she wants u to explain the chapter or she wants u to take her test when she is done or she just wants u around and do nothing? depending on your role that she expects try and make learning fun. for instance by giving examples from day to day life or prepare a quiz based on the topic,or u could even do research on the topic on net, or u could do a role play and become a teacher and ask her questions and give her points for the right answer. if she is unable to understand simplify things for her and explain her part by part by giving examples.. I am sure with yr involvement ,praise and patience she would start taking interest.. also in one read of a chapter , child just gets familiarized with words . in second go she would try and understand what is the chapter about.. by 3 rd and 4th read she would read in between lines.. so don't loose patience and be by her side in howsoever much time she takes in understanding things..

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| Jan 23, 2019

Thanks for the information

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