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The journey of motherhood begins a few days before we actually get to know we are soon-to-be parents. It was a usual Saturday night and my husband and I decided to hit our fav pub playing old genre retro music. Little did we know that was pretty much our last such outing for a few months may be. We drank like a fish, we danced like there is no tomorrow. I am sure the baby would have rocked too. The next morning we woke up to the need of a black coffee. Well.... The journey had just begun. I was pregnant. Oh my god.... No we r pregnant. We were excited dumping all bottles from the house in d cupboard till we get to taste them again. Fun had just begun. Loved each moment of doctor visits together, monthly meetings with the baby in utlra sound clinic we were thrilled and 9 months flew. Not to forget feeling baby dance each night while we were retiring for the day after a long day at work (out last party effect may be) And the D-Day had arrived and we had our little girl with us. Suddenly from we 2 we became we 3. All discussions were about her, all decisions were for her. I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 month Maternity leave seeing my baby learn each activity and narrating the same to my husband each night after he would return. As months became weeks and weeks became a few days to join work - god presented my husband with an International career opportunity which gave me a reason to quit and be a stay-at-home mom. I use to fret thinking my daughter will take her first step with the nanny, say mumma/ papa to the nanny. Why did I get her to this world if I dint want to embrace her little achievements. So Mommies my little piece if advise take a decision which works for ur child the best. Don't be guilty if you are working and don't be guilty if you quit your job for another one - the Mommy Job. Love what you are doing and you will never regret. For all dad's reading up this post. Help the new moms with little actions - I still remember my husband letting me sleep for 3 hours at a stretch and managing the baby. Moms dont forget to thank your husbands for all the little things they do after all they are the creators of the little flowers we are nurturing.

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