low in energy at school

3 to 7 years

Created by Swati
Updated on Aug 12, 2016

my son is 4. 9 year old ..he is very active at home .. but in school he is very shy . do not speak to other children and teachers. what can I do to overcome this problem? ???

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| Aug 13, 2016

We have exactly the same problem here... My son 3. 3 yrs now.. he is active at home with us.. But in school he doesn't get involved with anyone including teacher. He always try to be isolated from other kids in school. Teacher is complaining us a lot on this , we are worried a lot as how he is going to grow up.. Please help

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| Aug 12, 2016

Thank you Dr Shalini. I will try to figure out if there is any problem he is facing in school. He is showing anger and crying, or standing in a corner. This behaviour, he used to show in home. It is not a big issue with me or his father or his grandparents. As we have only 2 children, we can handle. But for a teacher, it is so much frustrating, she was asked by Principal or other officials. And the biggest thing I am worrying about his personality in future. He has 2 immediate relatives who is showing haughtiness towards others (especially to family members). I do not want my child to be one among them.

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| Aug 12, 2016

first try to find out what thing is annoying him in the school,win his confidence that u will not make fun of him,and do not discuss his problem and his shy nature to anybody in front of him it will decrease his confidence more and make him more shy. once u get the real problem try to solve it very patiently along with keeping ur child in confidence. try to talk to his class teacher and if everything is fyn, dnt worry let him b as he is,becoz everybody has a unique personality regardless good or bad... its just his personality.

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