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Richa Bedi

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Feb 16, 2016

My nephew is 15 months. He do not take a proper diet. His mother tried everything including milk, fruits, rice, roti, snacks etc but he takes two or three bites then refuses to have more. Plz help.

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 16, 2016

Hi Richa, As a mother of a selective eater primary school going child, this has been my problem as well. So how I dealt with it. Please tell your sister-in-law to keep feeding him whatever she wants to give him. Even if he takes two or three bites his nutrition needs will be taken care of, just ensure to give every fruit, rice, roti, dal, veggies and if egg can be given then give that as well. It may look that he is just two three bites but if you look in whole he has eaten a bit of everything. Hope this helps.

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| Feb 16, 2016

Hii Richa.. its is normal that babies of this age are low on their diet.. if he doesn't drink milk den try to giv him flavoured milk like milkshakes.. on solids u cn give kichdi with veggies,dalia, suji, veggie soup, dal roti, doodh roti... etc.. hope this helps

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