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Lower fluid level at 36 weeks of pregnancy


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Updated on Jul 09, 2016

I am 36 week pregnant and my amniotic fluid level is 7. Please help me to know the appropriate diet through which I can increase the fluid level. Also let me know what should be the level of fluid at 36 weeks of pregnancy.

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| Jul 10, 2016

have more water.. nearly 3 ltrs per day. and hav butter milk and tender cocunut daily.. also add radish,bottle guard in your food.. consult with your Gynecologist.. i had water level of 11.. Doctor gave Zilargyn powder and ecoapirin tablets...

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| Jul 09, 2016

take more fluids. but should carefully baby movements every half on hour. because some times its a sign of labour coming soon. some times fluid discharge vl happen while passing urine. so should carefull. by fluid only baby breath n food supply. I also faced this situation n my ignorance I lost my baby last time

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