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Make child mixup with peoples

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Apr 13, 2016

my child is very nouty but when we go out he just stick to me

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| Apr 13, 2016

Hi... Here are some tips: 1. Children always try to imitate their parents. So, be a role model to your kid so tat he/she can Lear proper behavior by observing you. Allow your kid to watch how you introduce yourself to others and converse with them. By observing your friendly nature, your kid can definitely learn to interact and mingle with others. 2. Encourage your kid to join in group activities by taking the kid to parks or etc.. where he/she can meet others who share the similar interests. 3. If your kid feels shy about going out and purchasing, encourage the kid to buy the item on their own instead of buying it for them. Although it makes inconvenient for kid in the beginning, at the later days, this make them to mingle with others and will also have confidence. Hope this helps you..

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