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make them realize the truth.

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Apr 23, 2017

Hi, can u share ur views about how to make kids realize their mistakes and make them correct themselves from doing it ..

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| Apr 23, 2017

hi Priya Kishore! I appreciate your thoughts and your concerns. Priya when we play the blame game and tell the child this is what they did wrong and punish them for their wrongdoings, we take away the responsibility from their shoulders and make them defensive.. rather than focusing on how to correct their mistake, they focus their energies on how to save their own skin so that they can protect themselves from the wrath of their parents. first and foremost we need to allow them to take decisions at least regarding themselves so that they learn to take responsibility be it a right or a wrong one. secondly we the parents need to accept now that the mistake is done and scolding or punishing them would further complicate the situation and make it further averse. thirdly give the child the opportunity to on his/ her own come up with solutions to rectify or correct the wrong done. we need to understand when a child accepts his/her mistake himself /herself the impact would be long lasting and so would be the lesson learnt. there is less likelihood that the child would repeat it in future which is what we want. hope this helps!

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