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Making sentences looking at pictures practice

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 29, 2015

My daughter is in Sr. Kg 5 yrs old. Teacher says give practice for making sentences looking at picture. Since their spelling knowledge is limited to 3 letter words I am lost on how to give the practice. Any help from experienced moms?

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| Sep 30, 2015

Hi Zanzail! You could begin with oral practice initially. 1. Play a game with her by asking her to speak lines on her favorite animal, or favorite food or favorite color. You could write down lines along by helping her build sentences. Once u have written u could underline three letter words and ask her to spell these and after that underline four letter words and make her remember those . Thereby gradually increase complexity. 2. U could buy picture cards with the help of which she can try making sentences and express herself whatever she wants to say to u. For ex:Please give me a glass of milk. 3. U could bring simple 3 or 4 letter words story books with pictures and help her in reading. Make it a ritual to read a bedtime story before sleeping. 4. U could bring her a notebook in which she can write down new words added to her vocabulary with their meanings. 5. Give her dictation tests after a week of practice of new words. 6. Help her read words while traveling in a car on hoardings ,walls,shops etc .praise her for efforts. 7 Make her practice lines on self introduction and help her learn parents' name and their numbers and her address. 8. Once she has watched a cartoon movie or a serial , she can explain the story to u in short simple sentneces. Make the drawing of characters and write their names. 9. Add 10 sight words every month to her vocabulary. Help her learn these with practice. Hope this helps!

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