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Updated on May 16, 2019

hi my son is 1year 4months &he is naughty &sleeps very less during day. suggest me some tips to manage baby & house hold chores. I have to roam around my son till he is awake &I am unable to do other works &feels tired. suggest me some tips it will be really helpful for me. please share with me

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| May 19, 2019

Bath him atleast 2 to 3 times a day. He'll feel hungry after bathing give him tummy full food. If the tummy is full he'll fall asleep gradually. If not, play with him for a while. Give him warm milk to drink before bed. It helps him to sleep for longtime.

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| May 17, 2019

hi Zara thank you so much but I tried all these I am his around only if I talk he Will come to kuchen and drop everything & do very naughty I can't even go for a min because he will drop things eat whatever available on floor etc he doesn't even sleep during day or even night

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| May 16, 2019

hi Saradha Siva ! u could give him age appropriate toys or plan activities which could keep him occupied. make sure he is safe and toys are safe too for him. stay around and continue with yr work. keep talking to him in between, let him know u r around.

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